Best 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring your Buyer’s Agent

Best 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring your Buyer's Agent

The Australian real estate market is already saturated with tens of thousands of licensed real estate agents. These professionals include buyer’s agents, selling agents, tax advisors, loan officers, home inspectors, appraisers, real estate attorneys, and closing officers.

Amazingly, you will need the service of all the professionals mentioned above at different stages of the purchasing process through Brisbane buyers advocate. If you think that involves serious legwork and stress, you are correct.

To save time and money, one easy way to go about property purchase is to use a buyer’s agent. Whether you are buying a home or investment property, a good buyer’s agent will serve as a buyer’s advocate helping you to find suitable properties in the competitive housing market at the right purchase price.

What does a buying agent do for you?

Buyer’s agents do not only help home buyers and property investors to find the perfect property for their needs in the local market. In addition, they connect home buyers to other real estate professionals needed to complete the property buying process.

Also, a buyer’s agent listens to the buyers’ needs and helps find the ideal property to suit their expectations. It is also part of the exclusive responsibilities of a buyer’s agent to help you set the right purchase price.

An experienced buyer’s agent understands the tactics of sales agents and other real estate agents. They are also conversant with the current market value. Hence, using a buyer’s agent will help property buyers find the right property at the lowest sale price possible regardless of the demands of the current market value.

Unlike selling agents, buyer’s agents protect your best interest throughout the purchasing process. While a selling agent looks after the profits of the property seller, you’re hired buyer’s agent will ensure you get the best purchase price.

Hiring a buyer’s agent for a property purchase is a brilliant idea. But you have to be sure you are working with the best. 

How can you identify a good buyer’s agent?

Of course, it can be challenging to know the right buyer’s agent from a distance. But, since it’s a competitive market, most try to convince a prospective buyer to patronize. 

The best way to sift the resourceful ones from the pretenders is by asking critical questions. Here are the best ten questions you can ask a property buyer’s agent to know how much they can help you find the most suitable property. Read more about Negotiating with sellers and making offers with the help of buyers’ agents in Queensland by visiting

Top 10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Buyer’s Agent

1. Are you fully licensed?

Not all self-acclaimed buyer’s agents are licensed professionals. However, a licensed buyer’s agent is qualified to be called a full-time real estate agent recognized by the National Association of Realtors. 

Before you agree to work with a buyer’s agent, the first thing to ask is for the agent to show a recognized license. 

2. Do you have experience in the neighborhoods of my choice?

A good buyer’s agent needs a sound local knowledge of the neighborhood you plan to purchase a home or investment property. The knowledge of the local market will help the agent to negotiate the right price for your ideal property in the locality.

3. Do you work in my price range?

A competent buyer’s agent should be able to work in various purchase price ranges. However, a real estate agent who deals with properties worth millions might not be ready to help you search the market when your purchase price seems too low.

In most cases, such a high-class buyer’s agent will only help you find off-market properties that might not suit your demands. Though, off-market listings can be pretty encouraging regarding price and value. But, it is safer to look into the real estate market.

4. How do you communicate with clients during the purchase process? 

Make sure the answer to this question suits you. For example, if you prefer talking on the phone with your agent or texting, let it be clear. 

Ensure the buyer’s agent you are about to hire understands your preferred communication means and is ready to commit to it throughout the buying process.

5. Do you own a property?

At least, a buyer’s agent should own one particular property. For the same reason many parents prefer a pediatrician with children, you should also choose a buyer’s agent who owns investment properties. 

A licensed real estate agent must have secured personal properties to feel clients’ feelings. If a buyer’s agent has never owned property, you might want to second-guess putting your money in his care. 

6. What’s your negotiation style and experience?

Whether purchasing a residential or commercial real estate property, you want the best deal possible. Hence, you must ensure your prospective agent is a good negotiator. 

When making offers, ask critical questions about how the buyer’s agent deals with sales agents. You can also ask if he has taken any professional courses on negotiation. 

7. How do you win auction bidding?

Don’t think you are the only one eyeing that property that seems perfect for you. Other buyers may be interested in your preferred property, resulting in a competitive auction bidding war.

If the buyer’s agent only believes in increasing the price to win the bidding, that could be a red flag. Winning bidding is not all about heaps of money. Sometimes, the agent’s connections and experience will make a way.

8. Can you give me the contacts of your past clients?

You must have heard what the former clients of your prospective buyer’s agent said before agreeing to patronize. Find out if their previous clients have more negative reviews than success stories. You can also look up their official page online to see what formers clients have to say.

9. Are you well connected with other real estate professionals? 

Typically, buyer agents maintain a good relationship with other professionals such as real estate lawyers, home inspectors, appraisers, title companies, selling agents, and more. A buyer’s agent is expected to save time by shouldering all the legwork required to meet other professionals involved in the buying process. Otherwise, you might be dealing with the wrong buyer’s agent.

10. Why should I choose you?

The buyer’s agent you want to hire must be confident enough to convince you he is the best candidate. Ask why you need to work with the agent and sit back to allow him to sell himself.


You must choose the right buyer’s agent to get the best deal in the Sydney property market. When working with a buyer’s agent, you can be sure of buying properties at the right price. Meanwhile, you must also prepare for a handsome buyer’s agent fee to get the best result.