Engineered Wood

TJI-Joist, Microllam, Parallam, TimberStand, Shear Brace.

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Dick’s Lumber is proud to offer the most complete line of structural framing components in Canada. Our Engineering Department can assist you in the selection the TJI-Joist, Microllam, Parallam, Timberstrand, Glu-Lams or steel beams required to complete your job.

Engineered wood offers architects and designers solutions to residential framing challenges. The homeowner can enjoy the esthetically unique and natural appearance of engineered wood in their quest for larger open concept rooms and vaulted ceilings; as well as, the superior structural support offered by engineered wood.

Dick’s Lumber welcomes you to discuss your needs with our professional Engineering Department.

Products Offered

TJI Joist Microllam Beams
Parallam Beams Timberstrand Beams and Headers
ILevel Pocket Framing Guide Shear Brace


Special Order

Steel Beams


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